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    i saw this at my concert and everyone was screaming like what

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  3. climbing-on-niall:

    Ashton broke his drum while they were covering ‘Teenage Dream’ so Michael, Luke and Calum were trying to stall the crowd. (July 18, 2013)

    "We’d like to sing a song, just us three. Thank god he’s gone. It’s called We Don’t Need a Drummer."

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  4. or maybe a thousand miles by vanessa carlton

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  5. literally bruno mars’ grenade music video

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  6. when the boys are much older can the re-record uan please

  7. the potential ship name for anyone and ashton would be their first initial and “shton”

    unless your name starts with an a then i cant help u

  8. [climbs through your window] wanna talk about ashton

    [climbs through your window] wanna talk about ashton

  9. can acacia please stop with the boybands thanks

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    this is not really helping my calum feel rn…

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